London, United Kingdom - my first impression

No matter your reason for visiting, London has something for everyone. Shopaholics will either find their happiness on Oxford High Street at Harrods or for a more bazaar-like atmosphere at one of the open-air markets such as Portobello Road Market and Camden Market. Families will enjoy the London Zoo and the many city parks including Regent's Park and Kensington Gardens. Additionally, Shakespeare fans can take in a show at the Globe Theatre, one of London's main attractions and the most well-known theater.While the British Museum holds Egyptian mummies, Parthenon sculptures and the famous Rosetta Stone, you can catch a glimpse of master's works--from Botticelli and Da Vinci to Renoir and Van Gogh at London's National Gallery. Every day at 11:30 AM, the Queen's Guard changes at Buckingham Palace, a ceremonial ritual lasting about 45 minutes. However, be aware that when it is pouring rain, they don't make a guard stand outside the palace. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is a must-see when visiting London. Where else could you see a lifelike wax statue of Shakespeare and Lady Gaga under the same roof?

Tips for travelers

• Leave a tip amounting to 10 and 15 percent of the bill when dining out. Tipping is not required in London pubs.

• Save a lot of pounds on taxi fare by taking the Tube around the city.

• The slang term for pounds is "quid".

• If you order "fish and chips", you'll get fried cod and American-style French fries. Order "bangers and mash" and you'll get a plateful of mashed potatoes and sausage.

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