Papillo Hotels And Resorts -Roma

The Papillo Hotel is very hard to find. The GPS device on my iPhone would change the road if I gave the address. We spent an hour looking for it from the highway and even had to stop and ask for directions after calling the hotel for more clear directions. When we finally arrived, we found the rooms huge for a European hotel. Nice king size bed and a large bathroom. Very clean, modern and very comfortable accommodation. It can be a bit noisy through the highway, but it did not bother us. When we tried to check in the morning, we were told the system was on and to enjoy breakfast and it came back on. We were on the 2nd floor for breakfast and found that there was no food or coffee left. We had some dry cornflakes. When my friend let Papillo Hotels And Resorts - Roma staff know they were out of coffee, he was told that breakfast was for a tour & that our breakfast was not ready and I would not be there until 7:30. We were told the breakfast was at 7 when we checked in and we had to get in for the flight. When we complained about it at the front desk, because finally checking out, they offered us a piece of fruit. This place is very chaotic but the accommodation was extremely comfortable after a 1 week tour of Italy. The price was the cheapest hotel we stayed in all week, free parking, and despite the problems would probably stay here again. Very close and very convenient to the airport if you are traveling by car.